Firing up the Financial Futures of all Australians

Ignition Wealth is driven by one overriding goal: to give all Australians, no matter what their income or work status, access to financial advice that will help them achieve their own personal goals.

From our inception in 2008, we have been using our deep industry knowledge and technological expertise to deliver on that goal.

We began by creating market-leading solutions that enabled superannuation funds to reach more members with more and better personalised information and advice. Through our tools, calculators and other solutions, we supported advisers in helping members better understand the personal impact of superannuation on their ability to achieve their life goals.

From there, over nearly ten years, we have continually expanded, added to and refined solutions that support the advice community to provide compliant, cost effective advice, at scale.

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Firing up financial futures: for business, clients, members

Before “fin-tech” became an everyday term, we were already doing fintech – every day. With more than a million advice journeys already undertaken, why not join us? You’ll enjoy an unrivalled dimension of expert service and support on the way.

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Affordable technology that really works

With solutions starting at a low $2,400 fee per annum, plugged in and working within a day or two, we’re all about getting you up, running and delivering compliant advice, fast. Our tech is easy-to-use, easy-to-install and above all, it works.

There’s no hassle with compatibility, no major expenses and no major disruptions to your practice. And what we offer is proven.

More than a million advice journeys already undertaken. Why not join us for the ride?


Tried and tested industry experience

With close to 10 years in market and many, many times that in industry experience, we’re not new to this game and we’re not here to make a quick buck or track test our latest “bright idea”.

We know what works, we understand what the industry wants – and we know how to deliver. After our years in the industry, we’re 100% committed not just to stay, but to continue to evolve and deliver at the forefront of industry needs.

All the innovation and new thinking of a start-up – with the benefits of a trusted business.