Navigate the market without fear. Ignition Wealth is a team of 100 per cent independent financial planners offering advice you can count on. Our sole concern is growing your portfolio and assuring you a brighter future. We aren’t owned by any other financial institution, so we don’t have any hidden agenda. Trust us, your financial advisors to only give you the best advice, untainted by any ulterior motives.

Since February 2015 Ignition Wealth has held an Australian Financial Services License. Our company is proud to be a pioneer in this field in Australia and we look forward to helping you grow your wealth as your independent financial advisor.

Launched in 2015, we are a thoroughly modern business. We aren’t tied to any bank and our minimum invest is low enough that anyone can start saving for their future. With a minimum opening amount of $5,000 on our investment funds, it’s easy to get started. Compare this to many financial planners who demand between $250,000 and half a million dollars in capital before even beginning to consult.

Financial planners for everyone

Our company was founded to help those investors who can’t put that huge amount of money together. We think everyone from Perth, to Darwin to Melbourne deserves the chance to get high quality independent financial advice from a reputable Sydney firm. Investing without advice can be dangerous, so ensure that you’ve got a guide to help you navigate.

Ignition Wealth wants to raise the standard of investing in Australia by helping out people often sadly left out. We offer automated financial advice that offers you an easy way to manage your money. If you step away for a period of time, know that your finances are safe as our algorithmic-driven advice and investment services keep your portfolio in the most competitive position possible.

As a team of fully independent financial planners serving Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and beyond, we are the best equipped company to provide anyone in Australia with advice tailored to their situation and goals. No salesmanship, no agendas, our only plan is to help you grow your wealth and improve your position. With access to almost 8,000 stocks, our portfolio management services will create a diverse and broad base for you to ensure quality rewards and an acceptable level of risk, set by you.

When you first sign up, you’ll fill in a questionnaire detailing your goals, the rewards you’re hoping for and the level of risk you deem appropriate. But that’s not the end of your input. Throughout your time with us, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your portfolio to just the way you want it, changing parameters and goals as you see fit. Ignition Wealth aims to give you the freedom and convenience of modern web-banking combined with the hand-crafted and precise solutions of a traditional financial advisor.

Growing Australia from end to end as independent advisors

Trust Ignition Wealth to expertly and dextrously manage your investment profile today. Our team of financial advisors are well equipped to help everyone from Melbourne shop owners to Darwin tradespeople and everyone in between achieve their monetary goals and set them up for the life they want. Whether you’re planning for your retirement, your children or just your next holiday, choosing our independent team is something you won’t regret.

Register online today and find out why Ignition Wealth are a new breed of independent financial advisor serving Melbourne, Sydney and the whole of Australia. To find out more, call our North Sydney office on 1300 087 913 or send us a message with through our contact us page.