Ignition Next is the complete advice experience for you and your clients

Our digital service integrates the digital advice richness of our plug in robo-advice solution, Ignition Money, with the traditional advice support of XPLAN.

It delivers a goal-based, hybrid digital advice and engagement process that integrates directly into your existing advice model, driving down the cost of engagement and improving your clients’ experience.

The Ignition Next digital advice toolset includes:

  • Subscription to Ignition Money
  • XPLAN site integration 
  • 2-stage fact finding
  • Client advice tasks
  • Financial goals
  • Financial learning and literacy
  • Financial snapshot with live balance sheet
  • Risk profiling
  • Online calculators and tools
  • Document vault

The Ignition Next package can be added to any Ignition XPLAN CORE or PRO solution.

Contact us for a demonstration to see how your advice practice would benefit from Ignition Next, or call 1300 656 924.

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Integration with Ignition Next: getting it right first time

Integrating your advice software be can the best move an advice firm can make. A successful integration saves time, effort and money, assists with compliance, can support delivery of better quality advice though better quality data and engagement, boost retention and fuel growth.

Being able to cherry pick the features of the software options that best suit your practice and integrate them for an all-in-one solution can deliver real benefits.

On the other hand, getting the integration wrong can slow your business, double instead of halve workloads, increase duplication and lead to mistakes and oversights.

Getting integration right first time is what Ignition Next is all about.

2-Stage Fact Finder integrating Ignition Money with XPLAN

The Ignition Wealth digital advice solution, Ignition Money, integrates with XPLAN to deliver deep functionality that speeds your daily operations while taking your advice practice to the next level. It includes a seamless client data transfer that delivers an engaging experience that will enrich your client service offering.

With the integrated solution, clients can engage in goal exploration, fact finding, financial literacy content, tools, calculators and a financial scorecard.

For advisers, it provides an enriched data set from which to deliver advice and ensures client meetings are productive and forward moving.

Ignition Next customised XPLAN packages to suit your practice needs

Ignition Next’s suite of customised XPLAN packages blend the comprehensive features of XPLAN with the digital engagement and advice components of Ignition Money. Our packages can take you to the next level in practice automation, efficiency and scalability.