Ignition Money to fire up your practice with market leading digital advice engagement

Ignition Money is Ignition Wealth’s market leading digital advice engagement platform.

It’s an easy-to-use, client-directed advice portal that enables your clients to self-explore their financial goals with the oversight, support and mentoring of their trusted adviser. It can be quickly and easily installed in most advices practices and be up and running in a matter of days

Ignition Money enables clients to engage meaningfully in their financial futures while delivering rich, complete data and automated documentation to the adviser. This saves you time, ensures compliance and offers massive opportunities for you to scale up your business with confidence.

The rich, hands-on client experience also builds trust in the adviser and strong engagement with the client, supporting the retention and growth of your practice through referrals.

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Functionality that supports fast, accurate, compliant advice

Ignition Money offers a host of easy-to-use features designed with real life advisers and clients in mind. Whether it’s fast snapshots, deep fact finding, detailed reporting or goals exploration – Ignition Money delivers.

Importantly, financial literacy and investment education are backed up with secure messaging and document storage.

The result is a truly client-centric, goals-based engagement experience and an advice process that starts with latest, most accurate client information.

The Financial Scorecard – Supporting initial and ongoing engagement

Ignition Money’s Financial Scorecard gives clients indicative measures and commentary across some core financial pillars:

  • Cash flow and money management
  • Good debt vs bad debt
  • Superannuation and insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth building

Advisers can use the scorecard as an engagement resource when meeting clients for the first time and at subsequent reviews.

Over time, the scorecard can be updated with new information, to highlight key areas for concern and to include expert advice commentary to support clients meeting their goals.

Simultaneous advice workflows

In an industry first, Ignition Money enables you to run simultaneous advice workflows, with clients sharing the data collection and scope of the advice discovery phase. For your practice, this represents a quantum leap in efficiency.

  • Client turn up for meetings more engaged
  • Advisers are better prepared and informed with up-to-date data

This means staff spend more time thinking about client goals and less time worrying about data collection and accuracy.

The comprehensive digital advice engine

The Ignition Money proposition does not end with cost effective engagement and advice delivery.
It meets a wide range of advice needs including:

Online SoA

Clients can self-explore a range of advice topics at their own pace with or without an adviser.

Profile Essentials

Quickstart fact find covers key metrics to produce accurate financial snapshots.

Online Fact Find

Supports deeper data collection, asset ownership and other entities e.g. trusts and companies.

Goal Explorer

Offering up to 20 goals, including pre-selected foundation goals plus savings, lifestyle protection, estate, retirement and debt reduction.

Live Bank Feeds

Integrates with YODLEE giving access to more than 15,000 financial data sources globally, delivering up to date facts and balances.

Risk Profiler

Use the Ignition Money Risk Profiler or customise your own to integrate into the Online SoA.

Model Portfolios 

Use the Ignition Wealth models or your own, all fully integrated into the Online SoA. 

See all the Ignition Wealth model portfolios.

Learning Centre

Written, video and webinar content to raise financial literacy, awareness and education.

Tools & Calculators 

Quick and easy tools to enable clients to work through goals and scenarios.

Document Vault 

Secure online document repository for sharing sensitive information.

Adviser Dashboard

Transparent visibilty to all clients and their progress.

Add-ons to support specific advice journeys

ETF Investment Plan for individuals & SMSFs, SMSF Appropriateness Guide and integrated KYC to support compliant best practice.

Configure Ignition Money for better flexibility in client engagement

Ignition Money can be dialled up or down to serve clients with low levels of engagement, or to enable higher levels of face-to-face advice, in a true hybrid solution.

This enables you to support both high net worth clients, and keep low balance clients supported compliantly for negligible cost. By activating previously inactive clients, change the profile of your client book – for the better.

Power up your advice capabilities with full XPLAN integration from Ignition Next

Ignition Money can also provide a super-charged 360-degree financial solution through integration with XPLAN. These expert systems have been configured to work together to deliver a truly hybrid digital advice solution.

When Ignition Money and XPLAN Solutions are combined, office efficiency increases and client engagement leaps forward. With integrated fact find, goals and scorecard, managing data quality becomes easier and cost of advice decreases. This is a level of scalability that cannot be achieved within traditional advice metrics.

Ignition Money + XPLAN Solutions = Ignition Next.