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Helping Australians take super personally through automated member engagement

If you’re involved in financial advice in the superannuation industry, then you know that member engagement is the superannuation holy grail. Engaged, aware members who take an active interest in their super enjoy better retirement outcomes than their less interested counterparts.

For superannuation funds and advisers, the benefits of member engagement are just as significant: higher fund balances translate to more FUM, greater fund loyalty and higher retention, reducing churn costs and FUM losses, and increasing use of higher value functions such as personalised superannuation advice. Building member engagement results in a win/win for both members and funds.

The question is: how to get Australians to take their super personally?

While we may not have the definitive answer, there is plenty we do know.

In particular, we know that making meaningful contact with members, providing relevant education, building financial awareness and offering individualised advice can make the crucial difference between an engaged, loyal member – and one who’s ready to take their balance and run.

However, given the sheer scale of most superannuation funds, reaching tens of thousands of members with the right information and advice is easier said than done. The degree of difficulty involved has led to a situation where, too often, some of the neediest and most deserving members are going without the advice they so desperately need.

That’s where Ignition Wealth comes in. Our digital financial advice solutions for superannuation funds give you the ability to reach more members, with better advice faster – and at a lower cost – than ever before. In effect, our solutions buys you the one thing you really need: time.

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Personalised digital financial advice that delivers value and equity for superannuation members

Ignition Wealth’s game-changing automated financial advice technology is purpose built for the superannuation environment, where advisers carry out the high wire act of providing high volume service while absolutely ensuring compliance. Our digital financial advice solutions provide the safety net advisers need, reducing risk and freeing them to lift performance where it’s needed

As well as overcoming practical obstacles, we help you deliver on a core requirement of many superannuation funds: supporting member equity. True equity means reaching all members, not just those with high balances. And once again, it’s a win/win – because the very nature of superannuation means that many members who start with a low balance end up with a high one. And when you’ve made contact and got to know those members from the start, you’re in the box seat to enjoy better engagement, more loyalty and higher retention – for the long term.

In short, we help you deliver better outcomes for all members.

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Find out how to get better engagement, more equity and greater retention by more advice, to more members, in less time than ever before.

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Advice Solutions

See how our purpose-built advice solutions for superannuation funds deliver you the flexibility, compliance and scale you need to transform the way you work. Tailor our solutions to suit your fund and your investment options, giving your members more access, more equity and better financial outcomes.

Member engagement solutions

Whether it’s new members just learning about super, those approaching retirement or members in the decumulation phase, we have the tools, calculators and automated communication support that will help you get to know them – and help them take their super personally.

Case Studies


Caitlin is a 29 year old, living in Melbourne and earning $62,000 per annum. Her current financial goals include saving for a deposit on an investment property out of the city and funds for overseas travel expenses.


Caitlin has already had three full-time employers and a number of part-time employers, each of which paid her super to different funds, leaving her with nine funds all of which are charging administration fees. Caitlin was mostly disinterested in her superfunds and when she occasionally thought about it, she considered it an unnecessary tax that was preventing her from reaching her short-term savings goals.


Caitlin regularly watches a female vlogger who offers savings tips and financial wisdom for working women. Encouraged by a post about superfund consolidation, Caitlin decided to consolidate all of her funds and opt into the industry fund associated with her current career.

Caitlin’s superfund offered her easy and engaging mobile tools and calculators, developed by Ignition Wealth, which educated her. Caitlin found out about her retirement options and discovered what it might cost to live when she reaches retirement age. Caitlin is now able to make informed decisions about her lifestyle options now and at retirement.


Caitlin’s superfund provided information that helped her to make the most of her income by advising on smart options such as non taxable inclusions and non-taxable salary sacrificing. The greatest benefit for Caitlin and her life goals is that by engaging with her superfund at a relatively young age (rather than waiting until pre-retirement or even drawdown) she is maximising the number of years she has available to grow her wealth.


Caitlin stands out amongst her peers and knows that while money may be stressful month-to-month she has a long term plan in place for secure retirement. Caitlin is not just a member of a superfund, she’s a fan with a lifetime of loyalty. This princess is writing her own happily ever after.


Jann is 56 years old, married and close to retirement. Her fund is just over $1,000,000, which she has read is the magic number for a comfortable retirement.


Jann is in the twilight of her career and would be happy to give up work to concentrate on her growing bucket list. Jann wants to know when she can afford to retire and how much she will have to live on but she does not want to eek into her precious fund spending money on expensive personal advice.


Jann’s superfund provides tools and calculators, developed by Ignition Wealth, which allow her to self-service and work out multiple options for herself, including salary sacrificing and options around continuing to work part-time or on short-term contracts. Once Jann had used the DIY tools she was able to contact her superfund’s advice team for further information. The telephone advice team were able to view Jann’s information and the details she had entered into the calculators to add value to Jann’s seamless advice experience.


Jann feels really empowered that she is running the superfund the ways she wants to. The increased knowledge she has gained from the tools and calculators has given her a sense of security and power. Jann realises that with a short time left until she wishes to draw down on her superfund and with limited expenses a good option for her circumstances is to increase fund payments. Her superfund has a highly engaged member who far from leaving the fund is contributing more than before!


Tools and calculators from Ignition Wealth have allowed Jann to plan out a retirement packed with a bucket list of her older life goals, all with the confidence that her superfund is taking care of her and that she has responsibly calculated the means to live her desired retirement lifestyle.

Ignition Wealth automated member engagement and digital financial advice solutions offer

Financial advice software that buys you what you really need: time

So many members, so little time. Our solutions dramatically reduce the time required to deliver quality, compliant service so you not only reach more members, you find out more about them and can spend more time with the members who need you most.

Digital member engagement tools that add value and build positive long term relationships

Member engagement is about more than financial advice. It’s about members making the connection between their super statement and their financial futures. Our member online member engagement solutions include tools and calculators that help members join the dots, so they take super personally.