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How to succeed in the new financial advice environment

If you’re involved in financial advice in Australia, then you know about challenge and change. Legislative, regulatory, commercial, technological, reputational – you’ve probably seen it all. And that’s before factoring in the need to develop new approaches to investing and asset allocation in the face of massive shifts in the global investment environment.

It’s a new environment that calls for more than a rethink. It also calls for action. The way Australian financial planning businesses anticipate, plan for and respond to their new environment right now will, unmistakably, define their future success.

That’s why Ignition Wealth is here. Our goal is to support that success by offering automated financial advice and investment solutions that step in where action is needed.

Firing growth, compliance and profitability for your financial advice business – quickly and easily

Ignition Wealth helps Australian financial advisers decide where and how our robo-assisted financial advice solutions can boost and improve their advice businesses. Our flexible financial advice technology recognises different needs and can be tailored to meet them.

It’s fast, cheap and easy to integrate, because it’s compatible with Australia’s most popular financial planning software – and can be configured to suit the rest. And, as a white label solution, it’s seamless to the client and will only ever reflect your name and your brand.

From providing the essentials for low balance clients to supporting the more complex requirements of high net worth individuals, our robo-assisted advice and other automated investment software offers fast, easy and cost-effective support at every point in the financial advice spectrum.

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Advice Solutions

Fast, scalable, compliant and cost effective – find out how you can get started with our automated financial advice solutions today.

Investment solutions

Help your clients achieve their personal financial goals through our range of investment options designed to deliver positive outcomes across a whole range of timeframes, risk / return profiles and balance amounts.

Case Studies


Libertas Financial Planning is a boutique, independently-owned and non-aligned licensee with 60 authorised representatives working under its AFSL.


While the advisers have a great relationship with their active clients, they have a number of clients who are on the books but are not engaged and some who have been dormant for some time. At a cost to the business of over $1,500 to produce one SOA, it was also unviable to engage with lower value clients. Libertas were seeking a cost-effective way to re-engage with their dormant clients and engage with their lower value clients and provide them with appropriate advice.


Libertas operate using the Ignition Wealth platform and their AFSL. The Ignition Wealth technology is embedded into the Libertas website allowing their advisers’ clients to complete a fact find, create a diversified portfolio, explore financial tools and calculators and message the Libertas team securely.


Engaging with dormant and lower value clients allows Libertas to increase their business without increasing their staffing levels or costs. Libertas advisers are freed up from the time consuming and repetitive work of data entry and SOA creation, allowing them to focus on their relationships with their clients and work with them towards their financial goals.


The Libertas experience is completely branded as a Libertas service. Clients who engage with digital financial advice are increasingly likely to seek full traditional financial advice. The advisers are gaining a deeper understanding of their clients, more clients are being serviced profitably and the value of their business is set to increase.


Mum and dad investors who require advice but really can’t afford the cost of comprehensive face-to-face full advice provided by a Libertas adviser.


These clients need advice but the cost of obtaining face to face advice is prohibitive. For instance, a full advice journey through to receiving an SOA could cost $2,500, a lot of money for clients who might only have $40,000 in investable assets.


The client is invited to a practice-branded, personal client portal where they are guided to complete their fact find, risk profile questionnaire and receive a fully compliant Statement of Advice, tailored to their financial needs. This is completely online, instant and cost-effective. In fact, it may cost as little as $300.


More clients are receiving advice they need at a fraction of the cost it would have been in a face to face adviser journey. That said, because the advice is branded in the name of their Libertas advice practice, they have access to tools, educational material and can still speak with their adviser who can answer any questions that may arise


Clients no longer have to worry about finding an appropriate and affordable advice solution. They feel secure and have peace of mind knowing they’re on track to financial freedom and can check in with their adviser for some of the more complex questions they may have.

Ignition Wealth: digital financial advice solutions 

Automate compliance — managing risk, saving time and cost, expanding client reach and increasing client satisfaction

We put compliance where it belongs: first and foremost, beginning with Best Interest Duty (BID). From there, our digital advice solutions execute and document individualised BID requirements throughout the advice process with built-in checks, alerts and safeguards. As well as essential regulatory compliance, we can tailor your financial advice technology to support particular licensee requirements.

That includes:

  • automated in-depth fact-find, scoping and disclosure
  • generating compliant SoAs
  • providing online FSGs, Privacy Statements and Terms and Conditions
  • populating Fee Disclosure Statements to meet Opt-In requirements
  • automatic referral to face-to-face advice for special requests and complex requirements

Support growth and profitability — activating client bases to support scale and renew focus on high value activities

We make it easy and economical to transform client profiles – profitably – by activating low balance and/or unadvised clients via automated financial advice. A simple, effective, low-cost Ignition Wealth portfolio can deliver value for the client, value to the firm –and eliminate the risk of costly rectification or FOS-related actions.

Specifically, the right Ignition Wealth solution can help:

  • dramatically increase EBIT
  • double profitability on many clients by cutting high cost, low value activity by half
  • focus on delivering to high value to A and B clients, while seamlessly serving – and nurturing – the Cs and Ds
  • significantly boost profitability of licensee practices with an easy, inexpensive fix

Build reputation and long term client relationships — reducing churn and related losses

The Australian financial advice industry is looking for ways to build its reputation, lift its performance and significantly expand its reach. However, factors leading to churn, clawbacks and related costs can persistently undermine those goals. The Ignition Wealth solution directly addresses these factors, supporting client-centric conversations, opening up value-added services and offering goals-based investment solutions that deliver on our core purpose: better client outcomes.

That includes:

  • protecting reputation by ensuring compliance
  • building reputation and loyalty through automated regular client contact and updates
  • empowering client decision-making through useful, easy-to-use online tools and calculators
  • opening new channels for easy, frequent and positive client communication and education – through blogs, videos, podcasts, video conferencing – and, of course, face-to-face contact as required

Create tangible value — securing sustainability and managing succession

A compliant practice with strong relationships and impeccable records is a valuable practice – and that’s what our solution helps deliver. No matter what your plans, having leading-edge digital financial advice capability will ensure you stay on the positive side of the ledger – keeping your options open for the future.

The Ignition Wealth solution supports:

  • increased saleability for consolidation, succession or takeover
  • effort free satisfaction of due diligence relating to compliance
  • accessible, repeatable systems and processes support recruitment for expansion, or sale of the business