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Paving the way for Australia’s next generation accounting profession

If you’re an accountant or run an accounting practice, you’ve seen financial and accounting technology irrevocably change your profession. It has freed accounting firms to focus on building a sustainable next generation profession, capitalising on new opportunities to meet different client needs with a broader service offering.

These opportunities don’t come without challenges. In an already complex regulatory and legislative environment, the convergence of accounting functions with elements of superannuation and financial advice has created a new environment, one that’s added further to both your service and compliance requirements. And one where competition is fiercer than ever.

For Australian accounting firms, success in shaping the next generation profession will depend on your ability to navigate existing complexities – while simultaneously establishing new specialisations and service lines that can deliver value, boost client numbers and increase client satisfaction.

Ignition Wealth helps Australian accounting practices to do both.

Compliant solutions for accountants giving SMSF and financial advice

Ignition Wealth offers digital financial advice technology that enables Australian accountancy firms to add high quality, compliant and cost effective financial advice functions to their practices – quickly and easily.

Whether your focus is providing specialised support for the management and compliance of Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), more general financial advice, or both – the Ignition Wealth solution is the ideal scaffold to help expand accounting practice capability – and make it scalable.

It enables you to deliver the wider range of specialised services your clients are looking for with minimal resourcing, time and cost. Our solution offers you certainty in uncertain times and a safe way to explore your next generation options.

If your accounting firm has been looking for a level playing field to support its next generation future, then look no further than Ignition Wealth.

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Advice Solutions

Whether it’s automating the advice functions for SMSF clients to safeguard compliance and diversification or expanding your practice to include a wider advice capability, our advice solutions will deliver the support you need.

Investment solutions

Help your clients achieve their personal financial goals through our range of investment options designed to deliver positive outcomes across a whole range of timeframes, risk / return profiles and balance amounts.

Case Studies


Kelly+Partners is a chartered accounting network serving private clients, private businesses and their owners and families.


On July 1 2016, accountants were no longer able to provide advice to clients with SMSFs without holding an appropriate AFSL. While Kelly+Partners clients have a strong relationship with their accountant, they were no longer able to receive financial advice through the Kelly+Partners team.


Kelly+Partners offer financial advice to their existing clients through the Ignition Wealth AFSL. Their clients have access to the full hybrid solution including pure robo advice (entirely digital financial advice), traditional financial advice and the hybrid solution (combining digital with traditional financial advice). The hybrid solution is powered by Ignition Wealth’s technology, advice team and AFSL.


This allows Kelly+Partners to continue to deliver a part of their service which is expected by their clients. Rather than referring their clients to a financial adviser outside of their business, they are able to maintain and protect the client relationship. The Ignition Wealth solution allows the client’s Kelly+Partners accountant to have full visibility over the client’s advice journey.


Kelly+Partners specialise in high net worth clients who own significant business interests, wealth and assets. Kelly+Partners are able to provide a world class advice solution to their discerning client base.


Kelly+Partners clients are successful business owners and private clients.


Kelly+Partners clients have a strong and trusting relationship with their accountant. They are comfortable dealing with them for all of their financial matters and do not want to seek a separate financial adviser relationship.


The Kelly+Partners clients are referred by their trusted accountant to the Ignition Wealth advice team who can assist them with their financial needs. The process is engaging, allowing the client to explore at their own pace to work towards their goals and objectives speaking with the adviser for more clarification and professional advice.


Kelly+Partners’ clients are savvy financial customers who like to have their financial data at their fingertips. The mobile-first Ignition Wealth technology ensures that clients can access their investment data 24 hours a day. They can also communicate immediately and securely with the Ignition Wealth advice team using built-in messaging. Best of all they retain the relationship with their trusted accountant.


Kelly+Partners clients expect the latest and the best. The Ignition Wealth hybrid solution gives them an excellent level of service and technology they demand.

Ignition Wealth automated financial planning and SMSF compliance software

Provides you with an AFSL, so you can get compliant – and get started

For many accountancy firms, the time and cost required to get the AFSL authorisation required for SMSF-related work has been a major barrier to compliance – and to effectively specialising in SMSFs. With Ignition Wealth, you can arrange to provide this advice under our AFSL – or under your own. It’s your choice.

Embeds BID compliance for SMSF appropriateness – protecting your clients and safeguarding your firm

The decision to establish an SMSF should be based on much more than account balance. Clients should be given full information about their responsibilities as SMSF trustees, risk and return profiles and SMSF running costs. If not, there’s a real risk of breach of Best Interest Duty and big trouble down the track. Ignition Wealth’s automated SMSF advice tool helps eliminate that risk, taking the client through all the information they need to make an appropriate, best interest decision – and documenting it accordingly.

Ensures ASIC SMSF diversification requirements are met – supporting investment beyond property and cash

ASIC is ramping up scrutiny of SMSFs to ensure appropriate diversification of Fund assets. Ignition Wealth’s solutions include automated investment software that supports the right level of diversification for different clients.

Supports your own name and brand – white label automated financial advice solutions you can make your own

Our solution is a white label one, so your firm can deliver its advice-related services under its own name and brand. That gives you the opportunity to effectively build your reputation and track record in the SMSF and other advice space.


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