Here are the our frequently asked questions, and the answers too. Please Contact Us or Request a call back and we’ll be happy to answer in person, or via telephone or email.

How can I monetise my client base?

You can grow your income with minimum outlay by monetising your existing distribution. The low cost, low touch, high tech model allows you to grow your business revenue by profitably servicing clients with smaller funds to invest, including those with less than $250,000 to invest.

You will also access new clients including millennials who are demanding a high tech solution across the spectrum of all of their financial needs. Your compliance costs will be minimised and you will free up time to focus on your high net worth business.

Who owns my clients?

You own your clients. Our state of the art ‘teams’ technology allows you to view every stage of your clients’ journey: their fact find responses, assessed risk profile and statement of advice. The technology is highly scalable, meaning that the ‘teams’ platform will work perfectly whether you are a sole operator or part of a large adviser group.

How are the model portfolios created?

The model portfolios are created by the Ignition Wealth investment board. Additional information is provided by our industry partner Lonsec Research. There are a total of six risk profiles and 11 model portfolios, comprised of ETFs from Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street and BetaShares.

How does my client register with Ignition Wealth?

Your clients access the secure Client Portal via a link from your existing website, or embedded directly within your existing secure area.

Once logged in, clients complete an online risk assessment and then may be offered a portfolio matched to the risk tolerance of the investor. If your client chooses to accept the recommended portfolio they are then guided through the process of setting up a cash management account and a brokerage account. The accounts are always in the client’s name meaning that there is no counterparty risk. Our HIN-based system ensures that legal and beneficial ownership and ultimate control of the underlying investments remain with the client.

Can I trust Ignition Wealth?

Ignition Wealth’s team and technology both instill trust in our brand.

Co-founders CEO Mark Fordree and CTO Mike Giles are veterans of the financial industry and together bring sixty years of experience in investment banking and and financial services software development. The Ignition Wealth advisory board comprises of some of the most influential people in the Australian industry. Read more about Our Team.

Meanwhile our technology is proven; Ignition Wealth has a six year track record providing intra fund advice tools to leading Australian institutions, where over 750,000 transactions have exceeded $10billion.

Does Ignition Wealth hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)?

Ignition Wealth is a unique fintech because it holds its own wealth management license (AFSL number 470605). You can choose whether to on-sell the product under the Ignition Wealth name and AFSL, or to utilise our technology to white label with your brand and your AFSL.

See Ignition Wealth for Teams for more.