Why XPLAN is one of the most popular financial planning softwares
XPLAN is a financial planning software developed by IRESS which has become one of the most popular financial planning technologies in the industry.

In 2016, XPLAN expanded its technology and became one of the most widely used. It is used by some of the largest fintechs and financial advice firms globally.

Why is XPLAN so popular?

1. Flexibility

XPLAN is one of the most flexible financial planning softwares. More and more, firms are asking for a solution which can solve problems quickly, in a situation which is frequently changing. The ability to adapt to whatever change might come about in the industry, is quickly becoming essential to a software such as XPLAN.

2. Collective Solution

Having a technology which applies to many problems, that single solution to many online and digital needs, appeals greatly to financial advisory firms. Having a single solution reduces waste and increases efficiency exponentially. It makes the system more profitable and easier to use.

3. Efficiency and Work/Life Balance

Efficiency is a word commonly brought up when discussing financial planning software, such as XPLAN. For a technology designed to aid advisers with financial planning, increasing the efficiency of the firm and its staff is key. Having an automated system to take control of admin and reporting will give you some time back.

Improving efficiency has multiple benefits. Not only will the work get done faster and better, but the extra time it will leave can be spent getting extra work done, that wouldn’t have gotten a look at. Likewise, this extra time could be spent providing you with more time with your family, striking a work/life balance which works for you.

4. Profitability

This improved efficiency, like it improves the work/life balance of financial advisers, also can create savings. It delivers a service for clients which is efficient, timely and more affordable.

5. Digital Communication

Connecting financial advisers with their clients electronically has become a significant requirement for clients in deciding which financial adviser they choose. Clients want that digital communication with their advisers and advisers want systems which work with their own online platform. The many parties involved in the financial advice process want digital connectivity and XPLAN is designed to meet these needs.


Pulling all these parts together, XPLAN is both efficient and profitable. It is flexible to what you, as an adviser or a client, want and covers a broad range of IT needs which might come up. Providing digital connectivity with an online system, XPLAN has rapidly become one of the most popular financial planning technologies and you can see why.

For more information, please see Ignition Wealth’s XPLAN Solutions.