SUCCESS STEP NINE – What your clients will absolutely love about digital advice
In previous steps we’ve discussed the benefits of digital advice to financial advisers and firms. The secret to the success of your firm's new 'robo' offering lies in the benefits to your clients, and we know that client benefits are at the heart of everything you do.

Here are our top four picks of what your clients will love about digital advice:

1. Better service for all (current) clients

Remember those ‘under-advised’ or ‘inactive’ ‘C and D’ clients on your books who you cannot service due to time and cost restraints? Digital advice opens new channels for easy, frequent and positive client communication and education – through blogs, videos, podcasts, video conferencing – and, of course, face-to-face contact as required.

High value A and B clients benefit from a deeper relationship with their financial adviser who has the time and focus to deliver on their more complex financial requirements.

2. Advice in the reach of the previously unadvised

The industry is well aware that nearly every Australian would benefit from receiving professional financial advice. However, the cost of traditional advice is a barrier to many – meaning instead, the ‘unadvised’ are left to take well-intentioned, but often misguided ‘advice’ served up by family or friends.

Digital advice, delivered by professional financial advice firms, is a win-win for both the client and advice firm. It can transform (for the better) the financial futures of more Australians at a fraction of the cost of a face to face adviser journey, and boosts growth for advice firms.

3. Give clients what they want

Digital advice delivers far more than just a compliant generic Statement of Advice (SoA). It helps advisers give clients what they actually want.

From providing the essential tools and educational materials for low balance clients, to supporting the more complex requirements of high net worth individuals, there’s a digital advice solution for every client along the spectrum.

Ignition Wealth helps firms build intel on what clients what, inexpensively and at scale. How? By asking them. Clients benefit from more tailored recommendations and approaches from an adviser, based on their own ‘wants,’ rather than an obligatory adviser “check in” every couple of years.

4. 24/7 access to portfolio and fast answers to FAQs

With Ignition Wealth’s digital advice engagement platform your clients will have their individual portfolio information at their fingertips, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Further, we know immediacy is key in today’s fast paced world. Our online portal comes preloaded with responses for questions on the most common client goals, so clients get quick answers to their FAQs. Of course, if they don’t quite hit the mark, they can reach out to an adviser for a tailored recommendation.


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