TECH TIP – Create your XPLAN email signature

Ignition Wealth’s XPLAN Consultancy Team share their expertise. Follow seven simple steps to create a professional XPLAN email signature.

Email communication is ubiquitous in today’s business environment. In fact some client relationships are entirely conducted via email. Given email is such a vital part of your business it’s important to make sure that your company’s emails present a great impression of your business. Creating an email signature gives your business a professional and consistent presence.

As well as presenting your brand in a consistent manner, a good email signature provides your client with clear and direct information about how to contact you. You may include important disclaimer information and links to exciting new content that you would like to present to your clients.

Incorporating an email signature into your XPLAN platform ensures it will automatically be a part of all of the emails you send via XPLAN. Follow our seven easy steps to add your email signature.

Step One

In the top right corner of your XPLAN screen, click on the Preferences icon (which looks like a cog).

Step Two

In the menu on the left, navigate to Email > Signature Options. Then click on the option ‘Use Personal Signature’.

Step Three

A text box will appear that allows you to enter your email signature content. Text entered in this box can be formatted with colour, size and font type. These parameters should allow you to configure your email signature to your desires. If you are handy with HTML coding, you can click on the ‘source’ button in the menu bar and insert HTML tags to further enhance the look of your email signature.  

Step Four

On top of formatting text, you can also insert pictures, icons and graphics. Remember to upload them to the XPLAN document library before you start. You can include your business logo, a signature image, social media icons or a corporate banner. 

Click on the insert image icon in the toolbar and browse to the image you want to insert. Now you can adjust elements such as image alignment and size.

Step Five

You can also insert hyperlinks into your email signatures. These can link to your company website, external sites, media sites with interesting articles and articles about your business and to your social media profiles. Hyperlinks make it easier for your clients to navigate to more digital content about you. Highlight the text or image that you would like to hyperlink, then click on the link icon in the toolbar.

Now enter the url of the targeted link.

Step Six

Once you have formatted your email signature to match your needs, click on save and you will receive a message to confirm that it has been saved.

Step Seven

Your email signature is now ready to use! Now, whenever you create emails through XPLAN, your emails will include your newly configured XPLAN email signature. 


Bonus Tips

After you create your email signature, test the resulting output with a test email to yourself or a colleague. Check that all of your details are correct and that you like the look and feel of the footer.

If you are using an XPLAN site that is administered externally, there may already be a ‘default’ system email signature in place. Make sure that this does not conflict with your ‘personal’ email signature.

If you are hyperlinking to external sites, make sure that the website addresses are live and current.


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