XPLAN Survey – XPLAN Users We Need You!

We need you!

To register to participate in Ignition Wealth’s Spring 2017 XPLAN Survey call 1300 656 924 or email solutions@ignitionwealth.com. With only 25 XPLAN users eligible for the free gifts, don’t delay!

The Ignition Wealth XPLAN consultancy team continues to upgrade our service offering by listening to and learning from you. We are looking for 25 XPLAN users to take part in a short research survey on your XPLAN experience. Your answers will be confidential and the survey will take less than 30 minutes to complete. The survey call will be booked with you at a time of your convenience. 

In return we will give you a range of free tools to use on your XPLAN site plus credit for one hour of XPLAN consultancy (valid for three months from the date of your survey appointment).

Free tools and giveaways

These tools have been chosen because they are easy to use, improve the quality of your XPLAN experience and importantly, do not require complex administrative access.

  • Strategy library: five key pieces of strategy content ready to use in your next SoA
  • Client welcome letter: formatted and coded for XPLAN
  • Code snippet: a comprehensively coded signature block ready to embed in your system settings
  • Data quality report: a summary report that quantifies critical data integrity issues in your XPLAN site. These include:
    • Duplicate client records
    • Clients missing critical “know your client information”
    • Data entry errors on key fields


  • Free 1 hour Consult – Is your software delivering on your advice vision? Find out how Ignition Next can take your XPLAN site to the Next level.

To find out more about Ignition Wealth’s XPLAN consultancy visit our XPLAN Solutions page.