It’s time to walk the robo advice talk
Financial services professionals have been hearing about robo advice for a long time. It’s almost a decade since the first robos emerged in 2008 and it’s two years since we put our first investor onto our own digital financial advice service in October 2015.

As time has passed robo has gone from crazy talk by futurists to a reality of how the advice industry will operate. Robo advice has changed and developed with over 100 serious operators globally now, each offering a unique version of digital advice. Ignition Wealth has evolved to include an XPLAN consultancy and integration service and specialist solutions such as a dedicated SMSF Guide.

We know that you have probably read hundreds of articles and heard many opinions. Unfortunately, for a lot of advisers and senior operatives in the financial services industry the proliferation of contrary and occasionally controversial information has only led to confusion.

Throughout October and November we will be sharing a dozen information-packed articles with you, detailing the benefits of robo advice for your clients and for your business. We will also be giving you an insight into just how easy it is to add digital financial advice to your business.

  1. How tech offers a scalable, sustainable way to advise clients
  2. Seven benefits of robo-advice
  3. Which robo-advice tech is best?
  4. Are you making the most of your XPLAN?
  5. Your 10-point plan to SMSF success
  6. How to engage, educate and inform your clients – without lifting a finger
  7. Set the benchmark for data security
  8. More good reasons for advisers to go digital today
  9. What your clients will absolutely love about digital advice
  10. Five steps to power up your robo-advice solution
  11. What clients really want (and how to give it to them)
  12. Plug it in and turn it on: your digital advice journey starts here

Based on our extensive work with the Australian advice industry these articles have been crafted to answer the questions we know are on your mind. The complete series will demythologise the world of robo.  

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