Ignition Wealth today announced the appointment of Richard Liverpool, who joins the business development team from September 5, 2016.

“We are delighted to welcome Richard Liverpool to Ignition Wealth at a time when our business is experiencing rapid growth in the business to business sector.”.

Mark Fordree, CEO, Ignition Wealth.

Richard brings two decades of financial services knowledge to the team. With a strong background in accountancy and as a qualified CPA, Richard has developed a successful career in business development at firms including Total Financial Solutions, Securitor Group and AMP Financial Services.

“Digital financial advice is an extremely valuable to any traditional financial advice business. Client relationships are the key to a successful advice business and robo-advice facilitates easy client engagement.”.

Richard Liverpool, Head of Sales, Ignition Wealth.

Richard has a genuine passion for leading improvements in the financial services industry to ensure the best outcome both for financial services professionals and their clients.

“Digital financial advice supports the consumer in learning about their wealth options and developing financial discipline. Consumers now have to self-generate financial discipline and this is aided by the use of Ignition Wealth’s financial tools and calculators.”.

Richard Liverpool, Head of Sales, Ignition Wealth.

Richard sees multiple possibilities for financial services businesses that adopt digital financial advice as they create a lifelong relationship with their clients, and intergenerational relationships with families.

“Digital financial advice is a fantastic incubation product allowing advisers to engage with clients early in their wealth journey, to build and nurture a relationship ensuring that they are the adviser of choice when the client seeks traditional advice.”.

Richard Liverpool, Head of Sales, Ignition Wealth.

Richard looks forward to creating new business relationships as Ignition Wealth continues to expand rapidly with new enterprise, advice and accountancy partnerships.