SUCCESS STEP SIX – Engage, educate and inform your clients
What percentage of your client base is truly engaged and informed? (don’t lie!) We bet that, while there’s certainly some very engaged and diligent clients on your books, many have very low engagement levels and, in some cases, very little understanding about some of the basics of personal finance.

Client engagement is about clients themselves joining the dots and making the connection between their superannuation, their broader investment portfolio and their financial futures.

Our online tools and calculators help clients do exactly that, empowering clients to make better decisions by:

1. Helping them project their future super nest egg

This calculator enables clients to see how their super’s tracking and how much might it be worth at retirement based on their current trajectory.

2. Measure their projected super balance against the retirement lifestyle they envisage

All clients have Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) for their retirement – whether it be overseas trips, a fancy new car or perhaps even a sea change. But will their projected nest egg afford them those luxuries?

As an individual, nothing could engage and motivate you to boost your salary sacrifice or contribute more to super than knowing your future nest egg isn’t quite (or near) enough to support your future retirement goals and objectives.

3. Creating an expense budget

We know ‘budget’ isn’t a sexy word. And that it might not excite your clients.

But we also know the positive outcomes that can be achieved from keeping a budget. Specifically, a better understanding of where income is going each week or month and  how much you can afford to save to achieve short and long term goals.

Our budgeting tools can help engage clients to take more ownership of their financial futures.

4. Educating them

Access to our easy-to-digest blogs, videos, podcasts and video conferencing tools enables your clients to build their financial literacy every single day – and that’s a vital key to a happy financial future.

For more information on how our online tools and calculators empower your clients to take more ownership of their financial futures, contact us at or on 1300 656 924.

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