Ignition Wealth’s Digital Financial Advice Live Webinar

On Wednesday October 26, Ignition Wealth hosted an exclusive webinar headed by Richard Liverpool (Ignition Wealth’s Head of Sales).

A full recording of the webinar can be found here, and a copy of the slides can be found here.

The webinar was primarily focused around detailing how Ignition Wealth’s ‘robo-advice’ solution can best serve advisers and accountants; specifically, Richard described how Ignition Wealth’s offering can help serve both low- and high-value clients and reduce compliance costs. The construction of Ignition Wealth’s portfolios was also explained, with Richard breaking down the process from the Lonsec Research stage to the role of the investment committee.

To conclude, there was a special Q&A session that addressed the various audience queries that had been put forward throughout the webinar. A full list of the Q&As can be found below:

1) Is data fed into things [software] like Xplan?
Currently, we do feed into Xplan. The ability for us to feed into other popular software programs (e.g. Coin, Midwinter & Adviser Logic) is coming to our platform soon.

2) How would this offering be integrated into an existing offering? In addition, is this offered via a wrap, or what platform is this facilitated through?
We are platform agnostic and can work with all providers to integrate to Application Program Interfaces (APIs)

3) What are the costs?
Please click here to see our pricing for Teams.

4) Can you help in the retail super space?
We appreciate the demand, as we acknowledge a high number of clients have low super balances, which are not necessarily excess funds to invest. We are currently engaging product solutions providers and development progress will be communicated. 

5) So do the clients own the underlying ETFs? Or is it a custodial arrangement?
All investments are in the client’s name. This is not a custodial arrangement.

6) Does the mortgage calculator assess savings against the mortgage, and therefore show real time reduction of debt?
The mortgage calculator gives the client the tools to explore mortgage options, and the call-to-action is to speak to their adviser. As we discussed, this ‘robo-assisted’ advice does not replace the adviser’s role, but is instead complimentary to their client relationships.

7) How does Ignition Wealth’s B2B offering differ to the B2C offer? Can a B2C customer be transferred to the B2B platform?
Ignition Wealth’s product offering is in fact B2B2C.  We deal with other advice and accountancy businesses to fulfil the needs of their clients.

8) Does the adviser have any input or control over the portfolio investment composition?
Yes, if the advice is coming from an external AFSL provider. If this is the case, we collaborate with you to support your investment objectives. Note, however, that there would be associated development costs.

9) How have you chosen your service providers – e.g. Lonsec, Vanguard, etc?
Ignition Wealth has a robust investment committee and has chosen Lonsec, a leading research house, and quality ETF providers such as Vanguard, Blackrock and Beta Shares, due to their strong history of delivery suitable investment outcomes for their client and their status as internationally recognised brands. 

10) Is there integration with cashflow/budgeting platforms using an API like CashMaster, Money Brilliant or even Xero, especially with the live bank data from these?
Refer to question one.  We acknowledge data feeds to major providers are important to clients and we will continue to develop these capabilities.

11) Is the fact find a full fact find or aligned more specifically toward investment?
The Ignition Wealth fact find has been developed with our ETF portfolios.  However, we can integrate an external AFSL holder’s fact find where necessary.  Again, we would need to scope this piece of work.

12) Once the portfolio has been rebalanced, does it do the trade executions?
Yes, the client is notified that their account is ready to be rebalanced.  As mentioned previously, because the investments are in the client’s name, it is therefore their responsibility to initiate the rebalance.

13) Does rebalancing attract further brokerage?
Yes, brokerage is charged per investment at the higher or $10 (exc GST) or 0.05%investment total.