Ignition Wealth: digital financial advice, SMSF compliance and member engagement solutions that automate compliance – managing risk, saving time and cost, expanding client reach and increasing client satisfaction

We put compliance where it belongs: first and foremost, beginning with Best Interest Duty (BID). From there, our digital advice solutions execute and document individualised BID requirements throughout the advice process with built-in checks, alerts and safeguards. As well as essential regulatory compliance, we can tailor your financial advice technology to support particular licensee requirements.

That includes:

  • automated in-depth fact-find, scoping and disclosure
  • generating compliant SoAs
  • providing online FSGs, Privacy Statements and Terms & Conditions
  • populating Fee Disclosure Statements to meet Opt-in requirements
  • automatic referral to face-to-face advice for special requests and complex requirements
    and more.

See more detailed examples of compliance support, and check these case studies to see how it works in practice

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Support growth and profitability – activating client bases to support scale and renew focus on high value activities

We make it easy and economical to transform client profiles – profitably – by activating low balance and/or unadvised clients via automated financial advice. A simple, effective, low-cost Ignition Wealth portfolio can deliver value for the client, value to the firm –and eliminate the risk of costly rectification or FOS-related actions.

Specifically, the right Ignition Wealth solution can help:

  • dramatically increase EBIT
  • double profitability on many clients by cutting high cost, low value activity by half
  • focus on delivering to high value to A & B clients, while seamlessly serving – and nurturing – the Cs and Ds
  • significantly boost profitability of licensee practices with an easy, inexpensive fix
    and more.

Build reputation and long term client relationships — reducing churn and related losses

The Australian financial advice industry is looking for ways to build its reputation, lift its performance and significantly expand its reach. However, factors leading to churn, clawbacks and related costs can persistently undermine those goals. The Ignition Wealth solution directly addresses these factors, supporting client-centric conversations, opening up value-added services and offering goals-based investment solutions that deliver on our core purpose: better client outcomes.

That includes:

  • protecting reputation by ensuring compliance
  • building reputation and loyalty through automated regular client contact and updates
  • empowering client decision-making through useful, easy-to-use online tools and calculators
  • opening new channels for easy, frequent and positive client communication and education – through blogs, videos, podcasts, video conferencing – and, of course, face-to-face contact as required

Create tangible value – securing sustainability and managing succession

A compliant practice with strong relationships and impeccable records is a valuable practice – and that’s what our solution helps deliver. No matter what your plans, having leading-edge digital financial advice capability will ensure you stay on the positive side of the ledger – keeping your options open for the future.


Provides you with an AFSL, so you can get compliant – and get started

For many accountancy firms, the time and cost required to get the AFSL authorisation required for SMSF-related work has been a major barrier to compliance – and to effectively specialising in SMSFs. With Ignition Wealth, you can arrange to provide this advice under our AFSL – or under your own. It’s your choice.


Embeds BID compliance for SMSF appropriateness – protecting your clients and safeguarding your firm

The decision to establish an SMSF should be based on much more than account balance. Clients should be given full information about their responsibilities as SMSF trustees, risk and return profiles and SMSF running costs. If not, there’s a real risk of breach of Best Interest Duty and big trouble down the track. Ignition Wealth’s automated SMSF advice tool helps eliminate that risk, taking the client through all the information they need to make an appropriate, best interest decision – and documenting it accordingly.


Ensures ASIC SMSF diversification requirements are met – supporting investment beyond property and cash

ASIC is ramping up scrutiny of SMSFs to ensure appropriate diversification of Fund assets. Ignition Wealth’s solutions include automated investment software that supports the right level of diversification for different clients.


Supports your own name and brand – white label automated financial advice solutions you can make your own

Our solution is a white label one, so your firm can deliver its advice-related services under its own name and brand. That gives you the opportunity to effectively build your reputation and track record in the SMSF and other advice space.


Financial advice software that buys you what you really need: time

So many members, so little time. Our solutions dramatically reduce the time required to deliver quality, compliant service so you not only reach more members, you find out more about them and can spend more time with the members who need you most.


Digital member engagement tools that add value and build positive long term relationships

Member engagement is about more than financial advice. It’s about members making the connection between their super statement and their financial futures. Our member online member engagement solutions include tools and calculators that help members join the dots, so they take super personally.


Digitise record keeping and administration to ensure compliance

Regulation requires that traditional financial advice practices keep records of client communications and transactions, regularly updated and stored for a minimum of seven years.

Ignition Wealth’s solution allows you to effortlessly maintain up to the minute records with absolute accuracy. The online cloud-based system is completely secure and has a much greater capacity than traditional record keeping methods, allowing you to keep records for the lifetime of your clients and beyond.

Expert, in-person support for advice and technology

When you sign on with Ignition Wealth, you get way more more than what’s in the box. You get the ongoing support and guidance of our dedicated on-the-ground support teams to assist with both tech and financial advice.

Qualified para-planners are ready to take your calls and work through any questions on the advice front, while the tech team is on the spot to smooth your way through every stage of the advice journey.

And that includes, of course, our dedicated XPLAN support team, there to set you up and keep you running with ease and speed.

An unrivalled dimension of expert service and support.

Investment solutions that deliver results

Our time in market has not only been devoted to the tech and advice side. Our highly respected Investment Committee, partnering with other industry experts, also has something to offer.

We’ve put together a range of investment options to suit different client needs, from low-balance choices through to high net worth solutions. Each has been crafted to deliver on goals-based strategies, over different time frames and in line with different risk/return profiles.

Accessible investment options that help clients meet their own personal financial goals