Ignition Wealth uses a HIN-based trading platform, so all investments remain in your clients’ name. There is no exposure to any counter-party risk.

Your client is able to alter and set a tolerance limit which will alert them to any movement away from their model portfolio benchmarks. When these tolerance limits are breached, the client is notified (via mobile and/or email) to take a recommended action eg. execute the required ETF trades to move back into their model portfolio.

Our passive investing model portfolios have been constructed to achieve market performance (beta) with low-cost, diversified ETFs. Our investment committee, together with research house Lonsec, reviews the asset allocation of our model portfolios and their underlying ETF’s regularly.

Our Own AFSL

Ignition Wealth holds our own Australian Financial Services License (#470605) which allows us to design and recommend model investment portfolios. We have had our own AFSL since 16 February 2015.

Snippet of our AFSL

We have designed our own procedures and processes to ensure the traditional financial advice requirements are fulfilled in an online environment.

This is a new area of regulation and we remain engaged with the regulator as they formalise the digital (robo) advice Regulatory Guide.

Ignition Wealth has our own Risk and Compliance committee which utilises external compliance consultants and lawyers to ensure we meet or exceed compliance guidelines, to go some way in redeeming the public’s trust in our industry.