Service more clients, generate new income

Financial advisers can use Ignition Wealth’s digital financial advice platform to offer their clients with low account balances a simple, low-cost, diversified exchange traded funds (ETFs) model portfolio that is matched to their risk profile. Importantly, our advice solution enables advisers to mitigate compliance costs and time associated with managing these clients. In fact, advisers now earn income by referring their clients to our platform, where they receive a compliant Statement of Advice (SOA).

Advisers seeking to grow their business to include millennials will find our mobile first and online, low cost, self directed process very attractive.

Our self-directed platform enables your clients to manage their planning process. Through our goal and risk profiling, they are allocated an investment into one of our model ETF portfolios. Throughout the investment and planning process, we record your clients’ planning documentation, as well as any changes they make to their investment plan by automatically recording the existing SOA and dynamically producing a new SOA.

Financial advisers can generate a new income stream from existing clients without any additional time, cost or staff.

Incubate and grow your client loyalty

All assets remain in your clients’ name. By using Ignition Wealth, you can enhance client loyalty by ‘incubating’ these client accounts until they need to receive full service advice.

White labelling opportunity, technical integration

Financial advisers have the opportunity to ‘white label’ Ignition Wealth and offer their clients a seamless experience within their planning business. Our technology solution has been successfully embedded into a number of financial advice businesses and is flexible in being able to integrate with existing planning software.

Ignition Wealth for Accountants

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Ignition Wealth for Advisers

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