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Ignition Wealth for Super Funds

We provide white-label and co-branded digital advice solutions for financial advisers, accountants and superannuation funds.

The Ignition Wealth online investment advice service dramatically reduces the cost of delivering advice while meeting ever increasing compliance regulation requirements.

Using our technology, you can nurture your client relationships and monetise within your existing client base where you cannot justify full-service advice today.

Finally, personalised financial advice for every client, every member, everyone.

For Advice Professionals

Serve your clients your way. Our digital financial advice solutions can be white-labelled under your AFSL or co-branded using ours.

  • Accountants, Mortgage Brokers, Insurance Agents
  • Not licensed to give advice
  • New revenue streams.
  • One off setup cost:
  • $1,200
  • Financial Advisers and Dealer Groups
  • Licensed to give advice
  • Retain clients for life.
  • One off setup cost:
  • $2,400

Super Fund Member Engagement

Our Superannuation tools have been powering some of the biggest names in Industry Super Funds since 2010, with pricing as low as $0.50 p.a. per active member.


Our Investment Committee oversees construction of model ETF portfolios that track various indices.


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Ignition Wealth boasts a rare combination of senior financial professionals on our management team.

Mark, Peter and Mike

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We are a truly independent, unbiased digital financial advice service.


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Winner of the best Robo Advice Award at the Afiniation showcase September 2015.

Digital Advice Solutions for your Business

Enhance your service with our proven and trusted digital financial advice technology today.


Imagine starting down the road to a great retirement or your next holiday sooner than you think. With Ignition Wealth, that could be a reality. Our company puts you in contact with industry-leading financial advisers, so you can start saving smarter and better.

We provide a service unlike any other in the country. A truly 21st century business, Ignition Wealth provides an automated investment service. Our algorithmic-driven robo advice and investment services mean that for the majority of the time, you won’t need to book an appointment in person with a team of financial planners.

Working with robo advice providers means that market information is gleaned, analysed and presented to our clients faster than a company relying on human advisers. Our goal is make it easier for Australians without the capital to contract a traditional planner to get expert-level help in a convenient and familiar way. Many Australians already use their phones to manage their personal funds and pay in person for goods; Ignition Wealth is simply a continuation of this drive towards ease of use and convenience. It also means your money now works on your schedule. Whether you’re in Launceston, Alice Springs, Sydney or Melbourne, expert robo advisers are just a click away from anywhere in Australia. Our automated services help generate you a portfolio tailored to your investment goals and preferences. You’re more than able to enter the system and make changes to your portfolio, but otherwise you can expect your money to be handled in the safest, smartest way possible.


Many planners won’t even see someone with less than $250,000, or even half a million dollars on hand. Our team thinks that has to change. Ignition Wealth aims to make investing open to everyone. You can start a fund with a minimum of $5,000, and with fees starting from as little as 55 cents per day, everyone can get a piece of the action.

If you have specific needs your portfolio needs to meet, don’t worry. Our approach to robo advice is never one size fits all. Contact our North Sydney office and talk to the experienced team on our investment board and we’ll find you a solution.

We’re independent. The goal of our robo financial planners is always your prosperity, so count on us not to try to sell you anything or to have a hidden agenda. The only thing we want is to help you secure your position in life.


Ignition Wealth invests your money in nine exchange-traded funds, holding almost 8,000 different stocks between them.

An ETF is a security that’s been listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that is itself a portfolio of securities. ETFs are specifically developed to track a standard index, such as the S&P/ASX 200 or a currency such as the US Dollar. This means by investing in an ETF you get the security of a mutual fund that invests in a broad and diverse portfolio, with the ease of trading a single stock.

The upshot for you is a diverse range of products to invest your money in. Simply register, answer our questionnaire to determine what kind of portfolio you’re after and fund your account. Then relax! You can keep tabs on your money if you want, but know that our team of financial planners are busy growing your wealth.


Start saving for your future and get your foot in the door in the investment market today. Ignition Wealth offers all Australians the chance to start building for their retirement, their family or their next holiday. Led by an experienced team of financial advisers and investors and founded by 30-year industry veteran Mark Fordree, know that you’re in good hands with our team. Based in North Sydney, our robo financial advisers service all Australians, whether they’re in Melbourne, Fremantle, Darwin or anywhere in between. Contact our office today on 1300 087 913 or send us a message through our convenient online form. Start saving for the things you want. Join Ignition Wealth today and start down the road toward the life you want with the leading provider of robo advice in Australia.